About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Marquart was born and raised in Los Angeles, and has seen the landscape change over the years. Her firm grasp of the market is unmatched. After hearing from a client, and clearly identifying their needs, she is able to take them to neighborhoods they may not have even imagined.

She has lived in neighborhoods from the Beach Areas, to the West Side, Hollywood Hills and now calls Sherman Oaks home. Her obvious knowledge of “both sides of the hill” gives her a greater range when clients choose to work with Elizabeth Marquart.

Past and current clients will tell you that Elizabeth Marquart distinguishes herself with her consistently high professional standards. Clients rave about her ability to negotiate, translate documents, hold their hand and look after their best interest during this exciting and stressful process. She always provides reliable, professional, and diligent real estate representation-all with the highest degree of integrity.

Choose Elizabeth

  • 95% of Elizabeth Marquart’s business comes from past client referrals
  • Elizabeth treats every client like her own family
  • She is always reachable
  • Elizabeth Marquart is an exclusive Featured Homes Agent with Realtor.com
  • She is a foreclosure expert and bank approved listing agent
  • Elizabeth Marquart is Internet savvy, and taps into all the tools for todays market
  • As a real estate agent, and native Angeleno she has the Inside knowledge of up and coming neighborhoods
  • Elizabeth Marquart became a real estate agent because she is passionate about home buyers having quality service and being protected

Elizabeth Marquart is Southern California’s real estate expert. She always provides reliable  and diligent real estate representation-all with the highest degree of integrity. Visit www.ElizabethSells.com or contact her for any real estate and home improvement questions by calling (310)246-0888 or at AskElizabeth@ElizabethMarquart.com.  


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