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Heather Richman and Chris Simental

We first came to Elizabeth several years ago when we had hardly any money for a down payment. Because the market was so hot, we felt we had to at least look into buying a home. Turns out that it wasn’t the right time for us but nonetheless Elizabeth treated us with respect, gave us her attention, service and valuable expertise.

With a completely changed market this year we went back to Elizabeth and picked up right where we left off. I was impressed with her professionalism and later was even more impressed with her negotiation skills. Her experience in this business was the key to us getting our first home. She goes above and beyond in being your trusted liaison in any type of housing market. We will always use Elizabeth for all our Real Estate needs.

Thanks for everything Elizabeth, we couldn’t be happier!


Heather and Chris Simental

Past Client Testimonials

“Her diligence, gregariousness, sincere enthusiasm, and patience are impeccable, which is refreshing in a business that is known for its shortcomings in these areas.”

“Elizabeth is not an agent that is only sincere and kind, she is also astute and highly knowledgeable. She answered every question I ever posed. Without a doubt, Elizabeth is the only agent to work with.”

“We could not have asked for a better agent. From making yourself available all those weekends, to your sterling representation of us in dealings with third parties, we were very pleased with your dedicated service.”

“She dealt with our idiosyncratic taste for over a year and a half with patience and a sincere desire for our satisfaction. Elizabeth is highly intelligent, frighteningly diligent, sincerely considerate, and very personable. She has all the traits of the perfect real estate agent, and I highly recommend her.”

“Elizabeth also acted as a master negotiator. On the house we purchased, we wanted to pay less than asking price, and Elizabeth bargained on our behalf. She succeeded in ascertaining information from the seller’s agent that resulted in us getting a very favorable price (below asking).”

“Elizabeth, my family and I were calmed through a generally stressful time thanks to your diligence and “can do” attitude. I will be looking for a new home in the future and will be calling you.”

Read more testimonials and reviews on Yelp by clicking here.


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